Your Help for the Play Area


Your Help Is Needed

The Burton Play Area situated behind Gladstone Village Hall next to the bowling green serves the children of Burton and Puddington and for many years was serviced and maintained to appropriate safety standards by Cheshire Council.  Following extensive cost-cutting by the government the council relinquished its support.  Gladstone Village Hall, being the owner of the Play Area, had to assume responsibility for it.  Monthly independent safety inspections are carried out for which GVH pays several hundred pounds per year.  Ground care is now carried out by GVH contractors and where safety issues are flagged up they are attended to by GVH and volunteers.

It became clear from the monthly inspections that the Play Area was increasingly deteriorating and that it would have to be improved or closed.

The community were consulted about the renovation, plans were drawn up with the aid of experts from CWAC and grants were applied for.  Disappointingly there were insufficient approvals.  A small grant was obtained from the Rural Support Fund which enabled us with matching funds from GVH and work in kind from the Community to replace the safety surface.  The GVH Committee decided that in the current economic circumstances of the country grants were unlikely to come our way and that GVH and the community would have to renovate the Play Area piecemeal.

Following this, the multi-play unit was condemned as unsafe at a monthly independent inspection and has had to be removed.  The Play Area is now much poorer for this.

A replacement for the multi-play unit will cost in the order of £10,000 and we need your help to raise this money.  If you would like to join a fund raising committee or even make a donation please contact:

John Nuttall   [email protected]          336 7178

Nicky Dorman    [email protected]   07731324630