Gladstone Village Hall,
The Village Burton,
CH64 5TH

Conditions of Hire and Details of Costs (Conditions of Hire)

1. Our agreement with you

This agreement covers the hire of Gladstone Village Hall, The Village, Burton, Neston, CH64 5TH (the Village Hall).

We are GVH Facilities Limited (referred to as We, Us and Our).

Our agreement with you is made up of this Conditions of Hire, the Booking Form, a  plan of the safety exits and safety procedures and related form for signature by both parties.

This agreement  tells you  how to make a booking, the hire packages we offer, costs and some restrictions around use of the Village Hall.

You can hire the Village Hall if you are an individual or a company, providing that you are able to comply with the Conditions of Hire.

2. Making a booking

You can ask to book the Village Hall by completing the Booking Agreement form and returning it with a signed copy of these Conditions of Hire to our Booking Secretary:

Connie Draper
1 Manor Villas,
The Village,

Email: [email protected]
Telephone number: 0151 336 3679

Providing the Village Hall is available on the time and date you wish to book, our booking secretary will confirm your provisional booking by email. 

Within 2 weeks of the provisional booking being confirmed your must pay the deposit – one third of the total amount due (i.e Hire Package Cost and any Additional Costs)  – by cheque (payable to GVH Facilities Limited) posted or delivered to the Booking Secretary at the address above,

or by on-line BACS payments:


Account Name: GVH Facilities Limited

Sort Code 40-34-06

Account Number 01476742

When paying by BACS please state your surname and the date of the event in the reference field.

Failure to pay the deposit within 14 days of the confirmation of the provisional booking will mean that your booking will not be made final.

The final balance of the total amount due (balance of Hire Package Cost and any Additional Costs) must be paid 6 weeks before the date of the event together with the Security Deposit of £400.

3. Deposit

The deposit is one third of the total hire charge payable (i.e. the Hire Package Cost and any additional costs payable)

Then a month before wedding the balance of £450 together with a £400 returnable security deposit after the event.

If you cancel your booking we may keep some of your deposit to cover our costs (for example, we are not able to re-hire the Village Hall for that date). We have set out the amount we will keep below, depending on when you tell us. The cancellation section below in paragraph 13 explains what to do if you want to cancel a booking.

Date of cancellation Deposit amount we will keep
At least 12 months before the date of hire. We will return your full deposit
Later than 12 months but at least 2 months before the date of hire We will keep half of your deposit
Within 2 months  of the date of hire We will keep all of your deposit

If we are able to re-hire the Village Hall for the same time and cost as your cancelled booking we will refund all of your deposit less an administration fee of £50. If it is let for a lesser period/cost an appropriate refund, less an administration fee of £50 will be made.

Hire package

Hire Package What is included Hire Package Cost

(see also Additional Costs below)

The Village Hall Weekend wedding package
  • Exclusive access to and use of the Village Hall  from 16:00 on a Friday to 12:00 noon  on Sunday.  
  • Please note that use in the evening is only until 23:00. The Village Hall must be emptied and locked by 23:30.
  • The use of the main kitchen is not included in the hire costs.
£700 For a sit down meal or seated event 80 people maximum

For a non-seated event 120 people maximum

Kitchen Hire Use of the main kitchen £150 This fee is waived if you use our preferred caterer Cheeky Chilli Events.
Licensed Bar Fully stocked. Including bar staff. ** See note below.    
Briarfield Gardens Private photographic opportunity £50  

4. Additional Costs

As well as the Hire Package costs above, there are some additional costs:

Security deposit: £400 payable for all Hire Packages. We will refund the security deposit to you after the event (returned by cheque or BACs payment within 14 days of the hire date unless:

  • you or your guests or contractors damage the Village Hall, Social Club or grounds or any fixtures or fittings
  • you or your guests or contractors behave in an unacceptable way that causes damage or nuisance to local residents (for example, the police or local authority are called due to noise or we receive complaints from residents)
  • you, your guests or contractors fail to clear up any mess or leave items after hire that we need to dispose of. We will inspect the premises after use and notify you if we are withholding any of your security deposit.
  • you have, by prior arrangement agreed to pay corkage, on alcohol used for a toast. ** The corkage amount of £5 per bottle will be deducted before refunding your security deposit.

5. These additional costs will be due with your final balance. You must not:

  • Attach anything to the fabric of the buildings i.e. to the woodwork, walls etc.
  • Use Blu-Tac, tape or any other substance which may leave a mark.
  • Use any entertainment services (DJs, musicians etc.) unless you have asked us and we have approved them.
  • Use any external electrical equipment without our agreement.
  • Use candles in any area of the Village Hall or Grounds.
  • Use metallic/plastic confetti.
  • Use party poppers.
  • Allow guests or contractors to smoke anywhere in the Village Hall or Grounds. If our smoke detectors are triggered we may need to close down the event.
  • Use the Village Hall or any purpose other than that agreed.
  • Bring pets into the Village Hall or Grounds.
  • Have children under the age of (12) in the Village Hall or Grounds unless they are supervised by an adult.
  • Do anything or bring into the Village Hall or Grounds anything which might cause damage or endanger guests or local residents.
  • Exceed the maximum capacity set out above.

Disturb local residents when you or your contractors leave the Village Hall or grounds.

6. Final balance and security deposit payment

This is the remainder of the Hire Package Costs (excluding the Deposit already paid), the security deposit and any additional costs.  This should be paid no later than 6 weeks before your event to the Booking Secretary by cheque or by BACs payment as set out in paragraph 2above.

7. Safety

You must ensure that you do not exceed the maximum capacity of guests set out above.

That you do not block or impede any of the fire exits.

8. Suppliers

Our website includes a list of suppliers and contact information. Please note we are not recommending these and they are for your use only. If you book any of these suppliers (or suppliers that are not on our website) please check they have relevant insurance and certificates/approvals.

9. Use of the Premises

If the Premises are used for a purpose other than that stated in the booking form, we have the right to close the event without a refund. Any unpermitted use of the Premises may incur a charge or possible closure of the event. If you wish to change the purpose of your booking, you must let us know as soon as possible (subject to approval).

10. At the end of hire

Please leave the Village Hall and grounds in the same state as when you first enter them.  Any rubbish must be placed in the bins outside the kitchen door or taken away if it does not fit into these bins.

Please turn off all lights and other electrical items before leaving ensuring all doors and closed and the building is secure using the locks and keys provided.

11. Cancellation by you

You can cancel your booking but we may keep some or all of your deposit if you do so please see paragraph 3 above. Cancellation will be effective from the date of receipt of your notice.

You should notify any cancellation in writing to the Booking Secretary as set out in paragraph 2 above.

12. Cancellation by us and termination of hire

If you or your guests or contractors make a noise (or behave in any other unacceptable way) that results in complaints by local residents or if the calling of the Local Authority or police to the Village Hall/ Club or Grounds  we may immediately cancel your booking and require you to leave immediately. If this happens we will not refund any of the costs of hire or security deposit.

13. Contact Information

See paragraph 2.

14. Responsibility for any loss or damage (guests and contractors)

We do not accept liability for any damage or loss to your or your guest’s or contractor’s property whilst on our Premises or in our grounds.