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GVH Play Area Renovation

Following the initiative of a Burton resident we have applied for a Community Award under the Active Living category from the One Family Foundation and have been successful in getting through the first round.  We have applied for £25,000 to cover the purchase and installation of a new multi-play unit to replace the condemned unit and for a turn-table and cantilevered swing both of which would be suitable for children of all abilities.

We need your support NOW to vote for our project on the One Family Foundation web site.

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Once you have registered you will be sent an email from The Foundation and then you will be able to vote.

To speed up the process on The Foundation website you could search for us under “Search for a project” and we are listed as “Play Area Renovation Gladstone Village Hall” alternatively, under “Region” we are under “North West”.

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This is on the Foundation website:

Play Area Renovation Gladstone Village Hall

Save our Play Area! The Council has handed over the aging Village Play Area to the community to run and maintain. Safety inspections have revealed the multi-play unit to be unsafe and it must be replaced. Additionally, when the Play Area was designed and built insufficient consideration was given to the less-able.

Our goals:

  • The project will enable the replacement of unsafe and outdated equipment.
  • The project will enable the installation of equipment usable by less-able children.
  • The project will encourage the use of the Play Area to the benefit of the children and their carers.

How we will achieve our goals

The Community Award will all be used for the purchase and installation of a multi-play unit and, a cantilevered swing and turn-table both of which are designed to be usable by less-able children. The installation of this equipment will lead to the increased use of the Play Area and helping to provide a social focal point for their carers.

Where the money will go

The Play Area is a public facility for the use of 1-17 year olds in the villages of Burton and Puddington. These villages are isolated rural communities with no public transport and the Play Area is the only such facility for miles around. The introduction of play equipment for the less-able children will open new possibilities for those children.

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Voting closes: 6th September 2017