The tennis courts reopen!


The good news is that the tennis courts will be open from Monday morning, 18 May, and with good weather forecast for the week, there should be ample opportunity for play.

Given the ongoing situation with Covid19 there are severalchanges that have been made and procedures that must be adhered to.


Players from the same household may play together within the court enclosure
Players from different households may only play one singles match at a time within the court enclosure.
You must take sanitiser/disinfectant to clean your hands and the gate handle on entry and exit  
Players from separate households need to mark and only handle their own tennis balls
You must use your own tennis racket – no sharing
All users are responsible for ensuring the courts are kept clean and safe. 
Do not leave any rubbish or belongings at the courts. 
It is advised that 10 minutes is left between groups on the courts.


The courts will be unlocked: at this stage we have decided to leave the gate in place so that it can be ‘pushed to’ during play.
Net winders have been removed to avoid unnecessary places to touch
The benches have been removed to aid physical distancing and remove touching places

Both courts are in use at this stage but please ensure you adhere to these criteria.  Usage of the courts will be reviewed in due course.

Please read the new notices placed by the entrance to the courts.

We are lucky that tennis is one of the first activities that hasbeen allowed to resume and we really hope everyone enjoys playing safely.

If the Government issues any new advice regarding safety in outdoor play areas, then that must be adhered to.

Do not leave your home to play tennis if Government advice means you should stay at home because you or someone you live with has or has had symptoms of COVID-19, or you are in the most vulnerable category and have been advised to shield from the coronavirus.​

GVH Tennis