New Newsletter

We now have an email based newsletter, via which we will be providing regular updates. Below you can select the topics you are interested in and sign up to the newsletter. If you wish to update your newsletter interests you can visit this page at any time, and sign up again with your updated interests. … Read more

Multi-Play Unit Opening

A new multi-play unit was officially opened in the Burton Play Area by Mr and Mrs Griffiths and local children on Saturday 24th March. Community efforts have been on-going since at least 2015 to renovate the Play Area.  A ‘market’ survey was undertaken; plans were drawn up with CW&C acting as consultants and grant applications … Read more

New Multiplay Unit

Its been an exciting few days in the play area. The new multi play unit, that we’ve been fundraising hard for, arrived! The installation team from Lars Laj made great progress, aided by some surprisingly sunny weather. The new unit has a super slide, tube to climb through, cargo nets, fireman’s pole, wobbly steps and … Read more

Your Help for the Play Area

Your Help Is Needed The Burton Play Area situated behind Gladstone Village Hall next to the bowling green serves the children of Burton and Puddington and for many years was serviced and maintained to appropriate safety standards by Cheshire Council.  Following extensive cost-cutting by the government the council relinquished its support.  Gladstone Village Hall, being … Read more

Village Hall Cedar Trees

In December 2015, one of the 3 cedar trees at the front of the hall was found to have a large crack in the trunk and be substantially rotten. We were advised to take it down immediately and commission an arborist’s report on the other 2. The upshot was, that the age, size and condition of these trees was simply … Read more