Burton Play Area Update



Dear All,

The latest information on the renovation of the Play Area is as follows:

We have now received notification via CW&C that the Veolia application has failed.  As the requested amount was so great the project can no longer proceed this year.  Consequently the application to WREN due to be considered in January has been withdrawn.

Granting BodyRequestedAchieved
Cheshire Community Foundation5,200.000
Western Link3,784.000
Tesco Bags of Help6,274.000
NFU Mutual Community Giving Fund300.00250.00
Nigel Jones contribution1,500.00
GVH contribution7,000.00
Legacy contribution1,000.00


Why did we fail?  The direct messages that have come back state that due to the increasing scarcity of government money there has been an increasing call on funding organisations.  This has led to significant over-demand on them and we have suffered from this high level of competition – other applications being seen as more worthy.  At Veolia for instance only 24% of fully compliant applications were funded.  One comment that however does need addressing was that the financial state of GVH was taken into consideration, assuming GVH could have contributed more to the project.  At no point in the applications were we asked to justify the amount of money held by GVH, if it had been requested we could have shown that there was little to spare: like most responsible similar organisations, we keep two years’ running costs and costs associated with running the Sports and Social Club and its clubs.  When set against money available in the bank the remaining discretionary funds are not great, currently these would nearly be consumed by the £7,000 GVH pledged to the Play Area renovation.

The GVH committee is now considering the next step.